Our Story

For as long as we can remember, chocolate has been something we'd pick up from the chocolate shop or perhaps have stashed away in our pantry.

A box of chocolates has always represented a generous or romantic gesture, and the idea of making high-quality chocolate at home was unheard of... until Chocbox.

Chocbox is designed to elevate your chocolate experience by providing the simple ingredients and steps you need to create the most delicious and nutritious chocolate right in your own home. You become the chocolatier!


How did Chocbox begin?

From the kitchen, of course! As a child, Brittany Pourmorady, the founder of Chocbox, always leaned towards sweeter options when it came to food and desserts. 

As she delved deeper into health and nutrition, becoming more conscious of the foods she introduced to her body was a natural step.

Completely giving up chocolate was never an option, so that's when the search for a healthier alternative began.

Having tried and fallen in love with many organic and vegan chocolate bars, she started experimenting with recipes in her own kitchen to create various varieties of healthy dark chocolate.

She shared her creations with her family and friends, and it became evident that there was something truly special about the process of making dark chocolate from scratch.

She decided to create a recipe box so that others could enjoy making nutritious chocolate just as she did. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she was temporarily "laid off" from her job as a Dental Hygienist and decided to bring her cacao plan to life. Chocolate has always been considered a "food of love."

Now, with Chocbox, it can also be made with love!

Follow Brit’s journey